past life therapy

Read Dr Brian Weiss’s work. for years I was a disbeliever in past and future lives but the way he has presented his cases it is hard to believe anything but that the truth is that life is immortal. However, what form does it take? spirits or just energy? Guess should try and read Stephen HAwking to see what the universe is all about.


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  1. Hello, dear collegue! Just a short comment on your entry in my blog. You should definitly try it – but better without the humanitarian law part, although it makes even the war seem sexy 😛 !About the life after death, all you you have to do is to read the 2nd law of thermodynamics 20 times and think about it carefully: energy doesn’t arise from nowhere and it cannot diasappear either, hence our energy (you may call it soul) will exist in some form even after the body is dead.

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