life? moment to moment

how does one get over a heart break? they say a moment contains an eternity! when you suffer anything it seems an eternity and when one is happy it flashes past by in one second! what if joy lasted an eternity and sadness flashed by in a second! but then i just read that you are miserable as long as you want it to last! sometimes we are miserablw so thta we can make the memory last longer as if hoping that way things would get alrt. but they dont! however happiness when it depends on you is the strongest not on things outside of ourselves but within us and then? then each sorow is nothing but a teacher and each joy nothing  but a teacher!

listening to adult alternative music on yahoo mssbgr each is a good compilation started with my fav with or without you my U2 and now its playing coldplay which is equally beautiful!

controlling temper! when you look back you realise how much damage it can do you behave as if you cant recognise yourself and lose out on some beautiful friendships! but true friends always forgive and get back!

funny how philosophy can pull you thorough but only after you have gone thorugh the worst!

rainy days are meant to go away! 

well you live gaining experiencing getting stronger everyday every way till the kiss of death brings you freedom but one has to learn strenght before that day comes. the difference between life and death is but one second! so live to the fullest!


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