Well i am writing after such a long time!! I feel so good and relaxed after years it feels!! The storm has passed there are days when I get bogged down but I have renewed faith and have found my strength in me which i had lost! I realised that the only center of my life had to be my happiness which I could share with others and spread around and anyone who tried to sap me of me true nature was not worth being with.
I also realised that if someone does not want you in their life its better to move on (as they always said!) than pile on and further crush your self esteem. none deserves that kind of a sacrifice.
Travelled to Italy and London this summer! Absolutely loved it. Though Europe seems to be heating up. The sun beats down on you as it does in India. eventhough we have the lovely rains to temper the weather there.
We stayed at Lake Como.which was beautiful to say the least! we could see the tower of an old church from our window withe lake in the bkgd and hills surrounding it! at night the whole place would light up, serene, peaceful, beautiful!. And of course the wine and cuisine. Absolutely lovely.
we could  visit Switzerland for a day and then of course London! my favourite city in the world. Wish I could work and live there someday! I love the weather!!!! and the pulse of that city.

Though on this trip what really took my heart away was France where we stayed for a night in the quaintest most beautiful cottage ever surrounded by farms! and we also saw two full rainbows.
So much beauty around us!!! As if straight out of a painting! Its true as if god himself handpicked the cities and scenery I do want to see East Europe someday heard its beautiful!!!!

Among all this the pain and anguish of the heart seemed to have healed and a soothing touch seemed to have brushed on my life as if to say you can go on and be happy!
and of course my two absolutely lovely nephews!!! god bless them

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