lazy sunday after noon

its one of those extremely lazy sunday after noons when the last thing i want o do is get up and get out of my house!!! lazy as lazy can be, and here is my stomach at the slightest pretext it gets upset!!! i wish i could live to see the day when i can eat from outside including the best restaurants and not get a bad stomach the nest day!!! and i hate the heat. the way the Indian sun beats down, funny the european will call it the european sun and african the african sun or maybe not:)) do want to go and try white water rafting have been wanting todo it for a long time now.
watched sallam namaste it is well made!! are live ins about running away from commitments or is it a commitment to see that you love each other and will stick it out together since one cld do it for a few mths?!!
saw the old parineeta yesterday as well everytime i saw ashok kumar i cld instantly picture saif ali khan infact the scene on the stairs was also same or similar. one realises that new movies have a certain aggression underlying them. and more expression of feelings by the lead artists!!!
anyway wish i was in a cool place by the riverside reading a book and feeling a bit chilly but happy…………… wih a mild sun on top of me!………………..if wishes were horses!

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