bored really really bored

well here i am sitting here in my luch break and gearing to work and getting really bored! the fact is that there is life and there is death and there is sickness. over the last one month i have faced an operation, a death of someone i loved dearly and then within two days of that while coming back we faced a road accident, of people unable to treat a highway as one and running across it! though the poeple hurt are fine the whole trauma of one thing happening after the other is just too much!
these are the times when u feel tht all the everyday conflicts and desires we enter into are so useless. at my nanajis death i saw ppl remembering how much he helped others and what a good man he was. that is lifes earnings and that is what death leaves u with
but i am so fed up with all that i have faced recent months that i hope god takes a liking to someone else!!!! though things turn out fine at the end……
i really want to party and dance and travel again maybe………..hmmm that sounds fun!!!!

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