a MAN’s world?

well its interesting to meet so many new people and to have the freedom to reach across your own hesitancies to make friends! what is really disturbing me today is the fact that there is still a women’s world and a man’s world;i read this book recently called (strangely) how does she do it!! and it was about this extremly succcesful investment banker who is also a wife and mother and how she is ridden with guilt for not having spent enough time with children and how there is so much on her mind that despite having a supportive husband she ends up running the HH and work and eventually has to give up one ! the point being as i talk to women around me i see the same dilemma, they wont take up a field so that they can manage home better, they shift cities when husbands move to further the husbands career no matter how good they are, if u have children then flexi timings either dont exist or look like a compromise to the company! of course women do make a choice and can always live with that, however it is sad.


maybe things are changing, and maybe 10 generations down as some path breakers keep trudging the path they choose we will finally get rid of a MAN’s world and finally look at this world as ours together, hopefully.


another issue that i had a debate on was legalising prostitution in India, will it give more powers to the perpetrators or will it give more rights to the existing workers, maybe it might just help them get more rights to be treated as human beings and with dignity, but what really needs to be curbed is the demand and only then maybe things might change a bit, however there is even a need to  slowly work towards removing the causes that force people to get inot it. to fight the poverty that is spread around us.


it does sound utopian i know but somewhere there has to be a solution.


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