just like an eagle!

well one of those days when i am relatively free again! i love the deep blue background and being amongst the stars it brings to my mind depth and mystery and wonder of so much about our lives that i dont know and brings back the cliche that we are amongst millions and millions of stars and life forms one miniscule life that is ours precious no doubt but when we get caught up in our problems we realise how much we have forgotten the fact that there is more to life than us.
just yest i was in a terrible mood, calling life a tragedy and saying that positivism makes its funnier and bearable. but today i feel better and enjoying the change! its funny i wrote that cause i used to hate change and get freaked out but off late i do things that i wouldnt have dreamed of and step out of my own tiny self! and it is EXHIALARATING! ITS LIKE SPREADING YOUR WINGS AND FLYING just like an eagle high above the clouds where no one can reach you and you choose where you go……… the power of your wings and the ability to ride the wind!
i love the eagles.
well back to getting busy. in between is there really someone out there someone made for you? what if u never meet them? or what if u are the only one made for yourself:))) thats also reassuring:)

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  1. hey, just like good times dont last bad times too pass by. The important thing is to realise that even while fying high up in the sky, prepare yourself to get grounded as and when.. and yes, As for that One special person..well the older i grow my list of that special person seem to be growing too.. i still hoping he is out there somewhere..but really come to think of it, dont you think its high time he finds you and not the other way round???Nina

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