another world?!

i was reading this book and it made me wonder what if there are more than one world and we actually can go across into them and they can come where we are. what if we can just what across. what if there is another universe back to back to ours would nt it be beautiful to just walk across or cross a bridge! what they are exactly the same as ours and there is another me sitting somewhere writing a blog right now:))))))
well no end to imagination!
what really fills me with wonder is the fact that we have lost the ability to wonder! just today while drinking milk i thought what it would be like when man first discovered that milk could be drunk or potatoes grown and roasted to berries were edible, did ppl die while trying different foods? well i do know that all has been discussed and discovered but still…… is amazing!
though today if we come up with new genetically modified foods or discover a new one we take it for granted that new things will be discovered and are busy either criticising it or looking at its pros and cons the wonder is gone!!!!!!

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