to keep cool?-freeze negativity!

well its funny how colors and motifs can change your mood! this sunny and a bit childish background seems to be lifting me up, not that i am particularly down, but i feel a lot more cheerful now!!!
just read a book today. trust ur vibes and be flexible! just go with the flow and think and feel positive so i decided to do just tht!:)
though the sun was beating down on us and early morning the walk from my bus stop to office was a bit lenghty i instinctively decided to walk through anr route to work! and really told myself indian summers have always been like tht, so i shld just take it easy and guess wht my surprise was when the walk turned out to be pleasant as i noticed for the first time that it was lined with trees and the summer sun was not all that bad!!!
not only tht i had nt had my breakfast and was feeling hungry and tired but told myself it will be alrt! and my colleagues mum happened to pack extra lunch for us though we were to go out for lunch:)))))))
so?? the message is not tht one shld be foolish and not take care! but tht sumtimes its best to listen to ur guts, and just do it, though this is a small example it will go far with me! and of course as i read in anr book
never to forget tht
i have learned sumthing today:))))
freeze negative thoughts!!

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