need a change

i have been thinking that i have started to feel in a rut again! its nice though. no politics at work, the normal things that go on and general fun and thank god for all that after a long time. but i need a change. if nothing else atleast an upgradation in my skills or to go and live somewhere else, though that wont be all that easy but it will be a start. i also need to clarify what i am going to do in the future! it seems quiet a lot. meet some nice people. do something different…………
i am sounding quiet vague!
well anyway will sign off now and go back to my humdrum work. better this way. tomo i complete 2 yrs in this organisation……….didnt think i wld survive it.
survive it i did!

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  1. Whats Up? It seems you havent  blog in ages…all well? anything new happened? I know  those sunking feeling of  doing the same thing again and again….In my case, taking a break and going to the wilderness helps..try it sometimes:

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