Don’t Worry You are Magic :)

I am writing after ages…. this year had to be one of major changes. Of Achievements. Of the impossible becoming possible. But when all of that does not happen then what does one believe? I read an amazing interview right now. I do believe the guy is amazingly well spoken no matter how controversial, and he said Don’t worry, believe you are magic! and I loved it.

Because he touched on an important aspect of our lives "belief". What do you believe in? Actually what do I believe in? Do i believe in all good things? in me? in the universe? that even when nothing is working out it is still all for the very best? That some failures come about really because we don’t believe enough? The latest developments in physics are proving that the mind is beyond our comprehension; that all that the mystics said across the ages, that all that the scientists did not say; is true.

The power of belief… so finally I realised, that of all the things that did not work out. one thing did change, has to change, will change and that is the power of my belief, to be positive to believe in all the good things that I do. Of the fact that all that I want will come my way in the best possible way, that being positive in the middle of it all is a way of life.

That I am magic and that I am not alone…

and yes thanks Universe for this message Open-mouthed smile


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