Everybody Hurts Sometime:)

Listening to Annie Lennox. I love her. Doing a cover of Everybody hurts… sets me thinking of the roller coaster my life has been last one week…

Its funny how life changes in a minute! One minute your whole life is ahead of you, dreams, promises, wishes, realities and in one minute everything is destroyed. One moment its euphoria, another the depths of despair. One moment life is an endless promise another minute its an endless austerity…

In all of this bewildering changes, like being buffeted by a storm, you lose your direction. But there is always an anchor. It starts with something outside, a belief, family, friends… and finally leads you inside. After all what will see you through? Your own courage, your own strength. Of course with a little a help of friends:)

The song really says it so well… When you think you have had enough of this life… hang on cause Everybody Hurts sometimes!

But one never gets enough of this life. Life is always beautiful, you just get fed up of the incessant rain of problems. But if they eventually lead to the sun rising in your heart then… It all is worth it!


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