Get a Life!

Have been feeling this a lot lately! And have been hearing this from well wishers for some time too… So I started to wonder, with all the interests, hobbies, things I want to do, places I want to visit, socially engaged… why was I hearing this again and again.

I guess cause this year was an emotional roller coaster. And sometimes we tend to get hung up. On people, situations, us… even things we are committed to: causes, organisations, all become a matter of routine, because internally we ‘don’t have a life’.

So I decided to start, it was a small start but I rediscovered the music that I love. I started listening to songs I used to love, would love to groove to. And the journey had begun!

Next, I attended a Jazz Concert. Every year I used to PLAN to go but never did. There were always excuses, job, commitments, tired… but this time I did it. And was it MINDBLOWING!:)

Joined a dance class, and now I am planning to study again. And of course reflecting on me and journaling the inner journey…

Has it made a difference? YES! I am happier at my work, people round me are noticing a difference; I am less and less hung up, more and more clear and positive.

I still need to sort the “inner universe” but guess what, I think I am getting there as well!:)

SO I have to thank all the people who ever told me to GET A LIFE. I was living, but I had stopped enjoying. I had lots of me time but wasn’t doing the me thing.

It DOES make a difference, to give time to what we love makes us who we are. So that when the storm hits again, we are better, stronger, confident people. So that the one opportunity life gave, to step back, to stop running, to accept defeat and reinvent is not lost.


But the Annie Lennox song says it all “A Thousand Beautiful Things…”


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