WORK – to keep sane, to be productive, passion, money, something to do… Work can mean so many things to so many people!

The ones whose work is passion or to say passion is work are the luckiest! But what about the rest, do we make it out passion or do we make something we get out of it our passion? like money, fame… whatever is our poison 🙂 (sic.)

But what if, as my mentor says, work is a challenge to be a better person, to challenge our limitations, our personalities, deepen our understanding, our faith… takes a different spin altogether.

It specially takes all your willpower to not fume and complain when people take advantage of a workplace rather than being professional. Take leaves, miss Saturdays just because they can. Come late but expect the rest of the world to be on time and then stay late….

I do sound like a complaining voice. Maybe I am complaining. SO these are the times that I need to remember it’s not upto me to see what others are doing, of course if its unethical to speak up. But to look at my own efforts and professionalism and then keep at it. Keep working. on me.


I rather have been born rich.

But I guess I would still be working cause I need to give my brain something to do other than turn into fudge…

breathe, accept the imperfections of oneself and others… look within.

I seem to suddenly have a lot to do!


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