darkness of my soul

So many came to the door, so many lovers I lost.

But I never figured the love of my life. There is a voice a person inside desperately asking for help. The one that wants to understand and be understood. The one that connects and calls to you.

he did come and then went, I guess def leppard says it all: Have you ever needed someone so bad?

But what do i need, what do I want, why does it hurt so bad. Why does my world fall apart. Someone i just cannot have.

Its a prison, of my own making, a solitude that is a constant companion. A story that doesnt end. A pain that doesn’t go away. Because it is self inflicted.

I wish I could wish it away but then where would I go?

A cross to bear. My life is my own cross to bear. Where is my ressurection? it is in my own understanding of me. Maybe the day of deliverance will finally balance it all.

This lifetime. Just this one lifetime I need to endure.


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