The time line of tragedy!

It has been little more than a month since the Japan multi-disaster struck. The world woke up to the horrifying sights of “the End of the World’ kind of scenes. It was beyond imagination.

Imagine waking up one day to see all gone. The amount of time we spend collecting and saving stuff at our homes, storing them, treasuring them, building our lives. All gone.

The news channels were showing the scenes of disaster incessantly. All major channels had sent in their reporters. This had just settled when the Nuclear disaster struck. The world held its breath. It was ironic that a nation that had once suffered an atomic disaster was looking at another major scale tragedy. There were debates across the world. Nuclear Power “yes” or “no”. Even India, which has so many of them, and half the capacity to save its people jumped into the fray defending the cause, while some instantly stepped back to pause their plans and re look at options.

The people of Japan were commended across the world for their fortitude, and compassion.

A month later: Total Silence. The world cup, Anna Hazare, Egypt, Libya, not in that order, all came and went: with their one minute of fame. But there is no news on Japan anymore. Is it because there is so much happening in the world right now that we don’t know where to focus? Or is it because tragedy has its ‘headline value’ and then it just goes out of our minds, leaving the people to deal with whatever the hell they are dealing with? Isn’t it important to know how a nation is rebuilding itself? Or how bad the nuclear situation is? Or is it that we will never take the time out to learn from another nation’s tragedy because it is the ‘other’? Is it really the other? Are we not interconnected? Does the event not even deserve a footnote in the news anymore?

Tragedy really does have a few minutes of claim to fame. That is all it has been reduced to.


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