A View from the Top

Have you ever had a chance to get an ariel view of Delhi?

Ages ago, the Revolving Restaurant in CP was the only one which offered this choice, unless one counts the Top of the Qutub Minar, before it was closed to public.

Now there is another option in the fray – the Metro. Yes, the Delhi Metro. Not all sectors but some. Having to travel from Gurgaon to Delhi everyday for work, one day the monotonous ride became an eye opener. Not having being lucky to get a seat, I was standing and staring out of the window at the Qutab Minar station when the view took my breath away. Miles and miles of greenery! Trees, shrubs, wild land left alone by the Builders and Government alike! It was a visual treat. The pain in the legs was gone. As one travels on that route, once can get an ariel view of the whole area. If one concentrates they can even see the peacocks – sitting on branches, in clusters and once I even saw one dancing! It was amazing.

Another time, I felt the sunlight felt clearer and the towering Hanuman murti at Chattarpur look squeaky clean, till I realised that it had rained the night before. As one enters Gurgaon, the Aravallis look pristine in their green glory. By some grace of universe, having being left alone by the greedy developers. At least for the time being.

These are the times you really feel chuffed of living in such a city.

On a tangent, another time while returning from Lucknow to Delhi via flight, I happened to look out of the window. It was 5 pm and I realised that we were flying so low that I could clearly see Delhi like a mini Lego city. I was thrilled. Suddenly I saw ramparts of a Fort. At first I got confused cause the only time one can see so clearly from a plane is when one is nearing the airport. But I instantly recognised it as Tughlakabad Fort!! We were crossing over Kalkaji. After that I spent the remaining time figuring out the landmarks and saw the Old Fort as well! From the top it looked like a sand hill surrounded by ancient walls!

I will never forget that experience.

So next time whether in a plane or in the Metro, instead of ruminating about not getting the seat or bad service – look out of the window! You never know what you  may see.


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