Can Men be called ‘Mothers’?

‘Mother’: The word has many connotations – nurturer, carer, unconditional love, compassion, even world without war. Whereas a ‘Father’ is someone who is the provider, the strict one, the soft hearted-tough exterior one.

But in today’s changing times and societies, where whether by choice or circumstance, the roles are getting increasingly reversed is it possible that a Father becomes a Mother?:) Having being raised by a single parent – a father – I can vouch for the truth of this statement. Though a ‘mother’s touch’ does make life a lot more beautiful, but all the connotations that I ever read for mother’s I saw my father fulfil.

Despite coming from a traditional background, having never entered the kitchen or having to bother too much about household chores, the man who could only cook Maggi, became an expert cook within a matter of a year, so much so that today relatives actually order for their favourite dish. From pitching in once in a while to full-time sharing the house hold chores, he did it all. And I saw him worry as much as my mother would if I fell sick, emotional when the situation demanded, strict yes, but also soft at heart, always trying to share his wisdom.

This has just not being my experience but of many others who I know of, who have been raised by single Fathers – effortlessly stepping into a mother’s shoes.

I guess a better word is parent. Yes, a mother will always remain the strongest force. But in these fluid times, compassion, nurturer, carer, provider have become adjectives of a ‘parent’: a father or a mother.

To all people who ever doubted my ability to become a good mother, though I still have to prove them right (or wrong). One thing I know for sure if ever I am stuck whether on the road or in the kitchen, I know who to call, and guess what I always get my answer.


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