How do I freeze the negativity

Purple, these days purple is my new black. But this is not why I am writing today. I was going through my old blogs and guess what I saw: Freeze NEgativity. As I was reading it my mind went back to that day when I did walk down the tree lined avenue and could think positive and feel good about my life. 

You see last few days I have been sick, physically but because of a strange phenomena: NEGATIVITY. I have been so negative like there is a demon in my own life and head threatening to eat away all common sense and perspective. Like waves upon waves in a storm threatening to drown my hard won sanity.

No I am not mad! But the depths of hell are truly terrifying, anger, irritation, righteousness, and no breathing space. All is suffocating.

I know the one thing that can save me, and that is faith. Belief, persevarance. Unfortunately I have run out of all of these.



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