100% Really?

What is the purpose of Education? The debate really has no end. The recent reforms in education saw exams being made simpler, grade system introduced and still to get admission in the best colleges in the University, students need to get 90 percent and above.

Even more disturbing than this unimaginable emphasis on marks is the fact that, apparently, a child needs to know the moment they are born what is it that they really want to do. So if by chance, a student is forced to take up science, by parents (yes it still happens) though he or she wants to study English or for that matter commerce, they will have to continue with that stream no matter what!! Because to switch over, that person has to be a genius scoring above 95 percent and if the recent cut offs are anything to go by, a 100 percent.

What is the message that this trend is really giving the students? That 1. You can’t switch, explore. 2. Studies/education is nothing more than a means to a career. It is not about character development. It is not about the fact that if you are a 70-60-50 percenter you have a chance to make it or even think of the good colleges.

The point is what is really education for? And then we have to contend with student suicides and a young generation wondering what to dream for.

I wonder if there is anyone even bothered or thinking of these questions, or is it that the snob value of being a 100 percenter and going to THE college will win out over the years.

If it does. It would be truly sad.



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