The Power of Acceptance and Faith

I just could not resist it. I have been touched and powerfully at that. Imagine this: Rushing through 35 kilometers just to reach work. Past traffic, through fog, rain, sun and finally to an old building, not in a very clean environment. By the time you reach your desk its like you have won the war and you are already cursing that you do not earn enough to cruise down the Delhi roads and get dropped off at work.

But wait this is not what this is about. When you reach that point of entering the dilapidated building, there is this old creaky lift, manually operated, the kind that you hardly see in Delhi these days, not even in the Government offices and there is this extremely happy lift operator. Who always greets you with a smile and “aur aap theek hain?” Sometimes he leaves you be gauging your mood and at other times he regales you with lively chatter and spiritual discourse. Yes, you read THAT right. He is one of the few absolutely happy, content people I have ever met. He can often be heard singing hymns to his favourite God, whose photo occupies pride of place in one corner, a garland of marigolds and agarbatti gracing it. A look of complete ecstasy and devotion plastered on his face. I have hardly seen him miss work and almost never heard him crib about salary, weather, illness, people – nothing.

Admist my own whirlwind o f life, he has left a powerful impression. Of acceptance and faith and what it can do for a person. He is just so happy. Here we are thinking of the big cars and all the lifestyle that money can buy and here is someone with not even one/fourth the means that you have and he asks for nothing nor does he berate his lot in life.

It is humbling.

And then again, another day. An auto driver strikes up a conversation with me. A wary, city-bred girl, who has been a victim of bag snatching; so talking to random auto drivers is never on the agenda. But am drawn in. He talks of farms, and what fog can do and how once he met a passenger who was a doctor in AIIMS and who would go back to her village to tend the fields. I am suitably impressed, but wait. The conversation (or I should say monologue) moves to God. “Have you seen God?” And then, suddenly, this ordinary auto driver, is transformed into one of those holy men on Asthaa channel, with the same inflection in tone. He starts quoting Vivekanada and Sanskrit shloks. I am spell-bound.  He strikes me dumb with this pearl of wisdom: “a true master is one who takes you within. Go within and you will find all your answers”. He even tries to introduce me to his group. I get off the auto thoroughly stunned. Here I am, used to haggling for “maidam jam hai. Rs 40 ki jagah Rs 50 dijiye” to “Meter kharab hai” to today.

Maybe spiritual consciousness is truly rising.

Again I witness the power of faith. He is so happy and content where he is, having slayed his demons. Would you ever listen to an ordinary person and believe in his faith? Will prejudice mar you or will you be amazed by his conviction.

I was. But then I have a truly great mentor in life too who has always focussed on the ordinary people.

And maybe now I should learn to focus on the present too and be content.


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