The Power of No

Recently I learnt a powerful lesson. The power to say NO and still survive it.

I though I was the only one, the one who would worry about “what others will think”, “what if I lose this”. “what if they won’t understand”, and in this all, the “other” would simply be unaffected. Maintaining the status quo since maybe they knew that I could not say a no.

But something would always nag, for eg, say no to this practice! It would raise its ugly head again and again, till I was forced to take note. So one day I decided to say no! It took a lot out of me. And with tremendous support from home and faith, I took the plunge. In the middle of all this I was given an interesting book by my dad. The Power of a Positive No. And it was a revelation. 

That I am not the only one. That there are others caught in the same dilemma and people who can lose so much because they do not say the magic word No. What I liked best in that book, which I had also come to realise on my own, is this: when your no is based on a deep yes its not so tough. And the author was right. I did not agree with the practice and I was saying No because it went against my principles, what I believed is right. So saying no meant I was saying yes to myself and honoring my deepest convictions.

And then the first battle was won: within.

Then came the one without: how to be firm without disrespect and without being negative, without losing the plot. 

It was my first, but I did it. I know this practice will take tweaking but it made me feel proud.

Have you ever faced this? What is your story?


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