A Poem: Fireflies

The sun is about to set,

the lane quiet and dark.

As I breathe in the clean air,

and take in the surrounding greenery

I glimpse a falling star.


A star?

Intrigued I hold my breath and wait,

it flashes again, it is a firefly!

Fascinated I draw close.

I haven’t seen one in years.

I start walking as if in a trance.

the sun suddenly sets.

And just like in a fairytale,

the lane comes alive,

with lots of blinking stars.

It is a miracle of nature.

I stretch my hands and try to touch one.

I look around.

Fireflies- hundreds of them,

blinking, flying, walking along with me.

Have they come to talk to a lone stranger,

in a new land?

The wonder of it all.

It reminds me of another time,

long ago, in a forest amidst friends,

and good times.

When I was young, and stars did fall from the sky.

The friends are gone, the fireflies remain.

Are you a reminder of loss,

or a harbinger of innocence and hope and light.


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