– In Memory


I dream of her,

in times of pain.

When I cannot go on anymore.

When life is not making sense anymore.


When I tire of the lonely walk,

on a lonely road.

Wondering where all the dreams have gone.


I lay down close my eyes,

willing the sleep of death.

In those moments when I least expect,

I see her.

Urging me on, encouraging, praising,

just like she used to when I was young.


A smile, a frown,

a gesture, a song.

Bringing life back,

into a lifeless form.

Nourishing like mothers always do.


My eyes fly open,

my tears soak the pillow.

But my heart, its woken again.

It sings again, dances again.

How can pain and hope exist together?

Maybe mothers have

that effect.


I rise again.



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