The Dog That I Will One Day Have

This is dedicated to my mentor, my father, my loved ones and the dog that I will one day have.

This Dedication came to me in another of those periods when my wandering mind had wandered and this time into the future. This will be for the book/ story that I would one day write. (Yes, please notice all the woulds) But the focus is the last line: the dog that I will one day have.

I cannot tell you what that means, I have photos in my head which I would get clicked with this dog, and I know exactly how he will greet me when I come back from work. How I will trouble it and how he will bark. Yes, that dog that one day would be. And when I have children, they will know all the values of caring and sharing just by virtue of this one dog. The future definitely looks good and is a good reflection of the past.

And I can even imagine the long walks he/ she and I will take. (double sigh).

I know anyone reading this would find it a bit funny and a lot nutty. For me it is one of the deepest desires I have. I used to once have a dog and I come from a family that loves the canine species. From my personal experience I can say once a dog lover always one. Its almost as if life is incomplete without the four legged furry friend at home.

So what’s stopping me? Various MAJOR reasons. But one day I will have the time, home, money, space and support to be able to take care of it.

yes yes, we all have ambitions mine is of the furry sorry funny kind.


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