The Dark Hues of FB

Well, I was forced to write this blog. I had to. All my life I have never been at the receiving end of bullying. I have heard about it, I have seen others face it. But in this new age of technology and whatsapp and Facebook, its amazing to see how people can use the very tools, that are meant to apparently get us together, keep us in touch, as tools to get at each other.

Interestingly, when these applications were introduced, they were a rage. My younger cousins, introduced me to the world of FB when it was first introduced in the US. From the start I took to it, excitedly looking up contacts and people I could be friends with. Later on, family, extended families and new friends all started to add to the increasing bandwagon. In recent times, I have read a lot about how, they are tools by people to really get to know each other. But how much do you really know someone by their posts? Does it reflect their kindness? Does it in anyway tell us, how they are as people? Or does it only show what people want you to see. Yes, its great when your friend circle is made of people you love and know, who you anyway stay in touch with. There are a lot of my close ones who have refused to get on to this and are none the worse for it.

After a recent incident I seem to favour that too. Why do people increasingly use this to vent their anger and hurt? To make a point? To get at someone? Is it really worth it? In the long run, and life is long, those very people might become your friends. Does it really help you to give in to this temporary feeling? What about old fashioned dialogue? Pick up the phone and talk. Resolve it and if the person asks for some space and time, respect it. After all it is their life and it doesn’t have to be lived by someone else’s rules. I really think there should be a FB protocol but would it help unless people become more sensitive to others?

And then there is the case of the web of human life. Yes, I will get to know about your latest vacation and acquisition but nothing beats meeting people and sharing their real lives in real time. As a writer I can even use it to get feedback. But I am now going to do this experiment, to get off all this over connectivity for a few months. And see how life is.

Alternatively I could always rough it up and face the meanness and be unaffected but I don’t think its really worth all the time and effort to exercise my survival skills. I will maybe use my lunch time better and read up more.

End of 6 months I will be back to see, did the “world” miss me or did I miss the “world”. Or in fact ended up living a fuller life.



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