This is what happened when I went off FB: Peace of mind. I read more, wrote more, met up with all the people I wanted to, made new plans since simply liking a status no longer =ed having got in touch. Saw some fabulous movies and plays without checking in. Wasn’t constantly thinking of latest updates and how the line I’m thinking would look like on my status, or for that matter how many people are now put off with me and every time I would get an urge to check, I would read. Yes, it worked. Then I went back today and now I am stressed if the addiction will be back? I don’t think so. Never thought how insidious it can become. How free one can feel and how precious even ten minutes are. And yes FOMO is for real 😉 And so is the power of the mind to quell it. Try it, and if you’ve tried tell me how you felt being part of that increasing bunch of people choosing to stay away from being “in” all the time.



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