Why Gurgaon Hates Trees?

No, the title is not a rhetoric or a rant against the unbiased, unfeeling, greedy bureaucracy plus corporate. Oops, maybe my blog should just end here and I can be the queen of nano blogs.

However, much to the chagrin of all those who manage to read what I write, I shall continue. It has been on my mind to tell the whole wide world what it feels like living in the Millennium City. By “whole world”, I imply how blogging can feed narcissism and as if anyone would care. But I have to put pen to paper so to speak and discuss how I feel.

We shifted to Gurgaon few years back. I still remember my horrified aghast expression when the news was broken to me by the adult in my family. I could not imagine moving to the edge of New Delhi. It was almost like falling off a cliff into oblivion. (Yes, I love Neil Gaiman:)). Anyway not that anyone seemed to care how I felt, money makes the world go round and here we were. There were only “fatfatis”, a dug up mound for a road and. . .well you get the picture.

Within a few years, we saw the city transform. Fields of mustard and empty spaces were soon taken over by DLF and the likes and huge glass and concrete buildings, with no parks for anyone to play in. Even the Aravallis soon became a dumping ground and, I am sure every year I see them shrink a bit more.

Gurgaon, for all its hype will soon turn into a desert. No matter what anyone says, it is a poor cousin of New Delhi and even Noida when one looks at the roads and the greenery. Every time we who live here look around in wonder, we do wonder, how many people want to shift here? How many more buildings/ housing societies are going to come up? Can this city not plan itself and recognise we need more trees and that the water table will not sustain this population explosion?

But it is in vain. Sadly there seem to be no rules. Recently the only muddy green patch one could see outside our lane of colonies, is being concretised. It seems any land empty should be turned into concrete. Gurgaon administration can’t seem to think it can even be turned more green or into a park. As I spoke to people around me, everyone seemed to want more trees and look  on with despair at the slowly hardening city.

Old timers don’t like the place anymore and even us newbies can’t understand where are we all headed. They can have all Raahgiris that they want but unless they make a conscious effort to reforest, to sustain and to protect zones like the Aravallis, we are in for a shock.

The awareness about this issue can be neatly summarised by this conversation I had with a friend. Me: “You know the Forest Department of Gurgaon had a poster saying we should not cut trees in the middle of a desolate dry stretch?”; Friend, “Gurgaon has a Forest Department, really?” (and she faints.)

Till next time.



2 thoughts on “Why Gurgaon Hates Trees?

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  1. I feel there is a lack of planning in Gurgaon and things done in a haphazard manner. Saw it during my one week stay when I came for work purpose and makes difficult to connect. Though the side where Oberoi Hotel is, it’s lovely and enjoyed evening walks.

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