The Case of the Disappearing Road

You can edit that to “lane; turn; sideline. . .”, etc. As you might have guessed, it is another reflective post on the travails of being a Gurgaon-wasi. I was reading P.D. James recently, and was greatly kicked when I read in the foreword how, when she turned her hand to writing novels, crime fiction was the obvious choice.

I was thrilled to bits, atleast if yours truly ever wrote a novel, it would be horror or murder and not the Thomas Hardy classic and its ok to admit it now. So imagine my delight when I turned my car out of my gated community and on taking the usual left found a huge barrier standing in front of me, with no intimation other than “obviously dude your small car now can’t go over this black, yellow thing, HA!” Well, that’s what I thought the stone would say if it could comment on us mortals.

Well, trying to figure out a way to get to my road, I realised that to reach home now I would have to really “find a way home”, cause the closest road had been blocked. Not that it bothered the Auto Mafia or the cyclists who believe in the motto “no obstacle is big enough for my thing”.

It amazes me. Few years back we had this beautiful roundabout on the corner where I live, which has turned from a mound of sand to the main crossing. Complete with flowers et. all. But come one Monday morning and the thing was demolished. Disappeared just like that. I think Gurgaon admin believes in “change is the only constant”. It truly is philosophy in action. And then few years later it turned into a oneway. Now there is a division on this oneway which turns a slight patch on the road to a two-way lane.

However, giving true credence to Gurgaon government, the roadsters are not disciplined either. No matter what you do, they will break rules, not recognise laws, drive their Mercs or autos as they want. Its the survival of the fittest in the true sense.

Recently, it was with great wonder, I watched Kejriwal’s experiment in Delhi. I so wished we could borrow him for our city. But then he will have to grow a forest of flowers to gift to each rule-breaker and that we already know Gurgaon has no place for.

Sigh! If only. . . But atleast this place has great fodder for my crime classic. Excuse me. . . I have to now find the road back.


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