Fawad Khan and the Power of Culture

Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed have done more to bring India and Pakistan together than all the politicians ever could. That is the power of good acting, good storytelling and fan following. I count myself amongst those who can waste a perfectly good Sunday for Fawad Khan. His eyes, his body language and his sexy urdu mixed English can make anyone swoon. And he has the whole sub-continent swooning and rooting for him. It also shows the power of economics and Bollywood, and hats off to all artists/ producers who, irrespective of Right-winger fundamentalists who seem to have no life, hired him and gave us a good good movie.

Maybe this would set off a trend where the border may one day dissolve, just like the wall in Germany did. And we may go back to being one as we always were. Oh, okay, a far-off very distant dream. But hope is a good thing maybe the best of things. (Shawshank Redemption-yes I love movies!)

Zindagi, the channel, when it started airing in India broke a lot of stereotypes. It gave us Indians a break from our own dodgy serials and proved that Pakistani theatre and serials are always a class apart. Something that we used to look forward to as kids. Their music has already made major inroads in India and now come the actors.

I really want Fawad Khan and his likes to be superhit. Yes, we the non-existent fans are helping an industry, and one man, become really rich. But if it ushers in an era of peace and harmony in this region, frankly he can have all our money.

I hope Bollywood also learns a bit from across the border and instead of teaching Fawad Khan to dance, they will learn how to act and the power of good stories.

Pakistan has declared Holi and Diwali a holiday. A welcome move by all means and one that Indian media should advertise.

All this makes me believe all over again, something Dr Daisaku Ikeda always says, there is nothing like culture and education to bring people together. And I firmly believe culture is what will help us rediscover our humanity and our roots, and will reflect the desire and voice of the common man.

Till then Fawad Khan is drop dead hot. No doubt about that.


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