Elixir – eternal life or transformation

via Daily Prompt: Elixir

The moment I saw the prompt, I was intrigued. I haven’t read this word in a long time and it got me thinking. I looked up the dictionary and saw two meanings. One, that meant turning base metals into gold and the second, more commonly known, eternal life.

The news these days is filled with research trying to find ways for humans to achieve immortality, extend their age, live longer, on different planets, etc. etc. But an elixir to make us transform into better people and a better species? Haven’e seen anyone look for THAT one. Except for the spiritualists.

With war, discrimination, fundamentalism on the rise, an elixir that can promote harmony, peace, look at the environment with compassion and so forth, is what is needed. An elixir to change our hardened, greedy, reckless human race into a empathetic, caring and inclusive one. That changes suffering into joy, pessimism into hope and defeat into victory.

Can research now focus on this? Maybe, we will need a new race or species to be able to do that, before its too late.



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